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I have worked with Mark and Cheryl for over 15 years across companies and industries. Mark consistently delivers high quality, insanely creative projects that are on budget and exceed expectations. He is able to interpret strategics needs and extrapolate key details which enable him to take our projects to another level that often we hadn’t even imagined. Best in the business!

Director, Education & Development, Adaptive Insights

Great work on the LED graphics and video for the Earthquakes stadium.
SVP, Marketing, Sanmina

Cheryl and Mark, just wanted to drop a quick note to compliment your LED signage for Avaya Stadium. We ran through the pre-show yesterday and across the board everyone thought Sanmina’s LED had the best production.
See you soon!

VP of Sales and Business Relations, San Jose Earthquakes

Hey there Mark!
Very nice work you did for the Career Lab, I must say. I am totally impressed! But not surprised. You always did great work.

Product Development, Genentech

“Thanks a great job and turnaround, Mark and Cheryl!
We always appreciate the high quality of your work and the solid partnership!
People & Organizational Development, Genentech

I have worked with Cheryl and Mark on a variety of video projects in two completely different business units at Cisco – a sales group and an innovation department. In all cases, they have delivered impactful products beyond expectations in quality and creativity, always meeting unreasonable deadlines at competitive prices. E-Illusion’s unique distinction from other video and multimedia firms is their unique storytelling ability. Mark can distill a fire hose of complex information into compelling and memorable sound bites, augmented by just the right tone of language, images, and sound. E-Illusion Media is a fast and nimble full-service boutique firm that’s very easy—and often fun–to work with. I highly recommend them for your next video project, no matter how large or small, simple or complex.

Senior Executive, Cisco

You have a great eye for detail..I am really impressed Mark and Cheryl! This is my first video project, so it’s been fun!

Principal Executive Development Consultant Learning and Organization Development, Genentech

Hi Mark,

It was fantastic!!! We really got excellent feedback – people thought it was funny, edgy and energizing. Mike listed out the names of the participants afterwards and people were thrilled to be acknowledged.

Thank you for all your help – it was a pleasure to work with you all.

Vice President, Genentech

Mark Romo DELIVERS — I can attest to that. I partnered with Mark and Cheryl on a video when I was with Cisco about 4 years ago. I was overwhelmed by Mark’s ability to “”read my mind”” and deliver exactly what I was looking for, even when I couldn’t quite articulate it. I’d be willing to bet the folks at Genentech will be more than pleased with the order Mark and Cheryl will deliver.

Senior Employee Communications Manger, Sensus, Xylem
Just the vendor that could make your life easy… we used Mark & Cheryl at E-llusion Media to do a similar short video in HR. They did an awesome job and were super easy to work with. There were some tips on how to take the video so it could be spliced quickly. They made some really boring stuff look amazing. Please tell them I referred you.
HR & People Strategist, Genentech

Thank you Mark and Cheryl. I think we are good! You’ve been a pleasure to work with and I’m so happy I chose E-llusion media. I’ve actually taken on a new role within Cisco and I’m now working for the Chief People Office, so I will definitely be in touch for future videos with you and Cheryl.

Executive Communications Manager, Cisco

Hi Cheryl and Mark, You nailed it. I LOVE it. So happy with how this turned out. Thank you very much! Looking forward to working together again soon.

Chief of Staff, JC2 Ventures

Hey Marky,

I just got back from Directing for theCUBE in Vegas again and thought you might like to see a show we did. The graphics you developed are used on every show and have been used to help make theCUBE’s brand quite recognizable to a global audience.

Director of Photography, Allen Media Group

Feedback was awesome. We used the video to open AND close the meeting. It was high energy and had a “call to action” vibe. Thank you for managing our ridiculous expectations.

Associate Director, Commercial Learning, Genomic Health